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STact is a place for ideas to collide and build off each other, where you can deepen your understanding of what matters in the world. Weigh in. Make an impression. Be a part of the conversation. Maybe even change your mind… or someone else’s. Instead of writing on a solitary island somewhere out on the web, you’re participating in a thriving, pulsing network. That’s good, because people create better things together. Like STact.

Have an impact

Our mission is to move thinking forward on the urgent and important issues that affect people right now and will affect us all in the future. So we’re building a global network that fosters a new level of discourse and provides a home for all voices that contribute meaningfully to the conversation. That’s not easy, and we don’t have all the answers. There’s still a lot of work to be done to improve the product, fight friction, eliminate jank, and make magic. We need best-in-class engineering, exceptional editorial, beautiful design, and insightful data. Sound up your alley? Explore what your area of expertise looks like at STact and the roles that we’re seeking to fill:

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You’re in good company

STact celebrates diversity in people, backgrounds, and life experiences. Our CEO, Ev Williams, previously co-created two of the most transformative tools for sharing stories and ideas online, Blogger and Twitter. Our editorial team includes a hardboiled journalist who performs flamenco dance. Our head of engineering is also a master at juggling machetes. One of our designers can lecture for an hour about the fine points of Polish typography, and keep you riveted. We also have quite a few outdoor adventurers, basketball fanatics, amateur chefs, dedicated yoginis, and inspiring mothers and fathers who balance leadership with parenthood.

A mindful place to work

Our culture grows from a bed of thoughtfulness, rigor, kindness, and delight. STact’s organizational structure constantly evolves to best support the work being done. Our strategy is clear while how we execute as individuals is flexible. You energize your role in the best way to move things forward. There’s room for you, and your ideas, to breathe. We strive to think big, to be bold, aim for impact, and defy convention. All of us are dedicated to making things better — in our teams, the product, and the world — by digging deeper and taking rapid action. We earn the trust of our teammates through effort and honesty, and by not making it about any one individual. STact is about creating the thing that is awesome, together.

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